I received the following link ( Click here ) concerning dolphins from a friend and normally I would just pass it on without comment but I recently watched “The Cove”. It is a documentary about dolphins. Places like SeaWorld need a source of trainable dolphins. I suppose dolphins like most other animals have different characteristics and some are more trainable than others (kind of like husbands). There is a city called Tiji along the coast of Japan that specializes in supplying trainable dolphins to the world. Every September they go out into the ocean with many ships and start the roundup. They use long tubes stuck down into the water and bang incessantly on them while the armada of boats tighten the circle around the harassed dolphins. With nets and continued banging on the pipes the dolphins are herded into a cove just outside the town of  Tiji. Trainers enter the cove and watch the huge group of dolphins swim about the cove and select the ones they believe will make the best performers. After culling out the “talented” dolphins the rest are speared with long rods. Each September there are 23,000 dolphins killed in the Tiji cove with such spears. The entire cove turns blood-red during the killing. Dolphins for what ever reason have a strong tendency to store mercury in their meat. The Tiji fishermen butcher the 23,000 dolphins, package it and deliberately mis-label it as other kinds fish that are much more mercury free and it is sold to the world as other kinds of fish.

Richard O’Barry, Flipper’s trainer, and narrator of the movie believes if there were no “SeaWolds” to pay the hundreds of thousands of dollars for each “trainable” dolphin there would be no “round-up” and the other 23,000 non-selected dolphins would not be killed for their less than desireable meat.

If you have any interest in checking out The Cove you can click on the bottom link to this post and it will take you to Blockbuster where you can watch the trailers and read more about the movie. In 2009 the movie won the Best Documentary Feature category in the ratings by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and viewers gave it a 4 out of 5 stars rating.

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