Battle of Boonville (Reenacted June 18, 2011)

On June 17th 150 years ago the battle of Boonville was fought. On the same ground and on same farm the battle of Boonville was reenacted Saturday, 6/18/11. I had never seen a reenactment even though I consider myself a minor Civil War buff. It was well done and gave me some insight into the “Cloud of War” While recording the video I was simultaneously warding off horse flies that were biting me right and left. I had to shoot over the heads of the spectators by holding my camera high above their heads so forgive me for any weird angles. The solders close to me were Captain Jackson’s (not a relative) militia. Jackson was pro slavery and was trying to persuade Missouri to succeed from the Union. His forces were untrained and not battle tested. The dark blue force at first seen way off in the distance were the better Union forces and under the direction of a military officer, Nathaniel Lyon, unlike Jackson who was a professional politician. True to the real battle you can see sporadically during the reenactment men from Jackson’s unit running away from the battle. The real battle only lasted about 20 minutes and there were not a lot of casualties but it was an important battle because it undermined the pro-slavery forces by handing them a solid defeat from which they never recovered. Missouri remained in the Union and that allowed the Union forces to control the Missouri River and protect a long stretch of the Mississippi.

The first link below is to a slide show of still images I took at the reenactment and the most bottom link is a video of the battle. There will be quite a few reenactments over the next four years as we celebrate the 150 anniversary of the Civil War. I think you might enjoy watching one if you have the chance.

Click here for the slide show

Click here for the video of the Battle of Boonville reenactment

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