“Little Friends”

Check out the images of “Little Friends” (P-51’s) being restored. Thanks to my son, Bret, for the images. During WWII Allied bombers were decimated by the German Luftwaffe. A high performance fighter was desperately needed and a call went out to the American engineers to design a fighter to fend off the Luftwaffe. High  performance and range were needed to stop the slaughter of the bomber crews. Range was increased by the use of wing tip drop tanks on the newly designed fighter designated as the P-51 however the orignal engine left a lot to be desired. Some of the designers suggested upgrading to the Rolls Royce engine which greatly increased the planes performance. To this day engineers and pilots alike consider the P-51 to be uniquely special and was far and above any other fighter of its day; because they saved so many bomber crews they were nicknamed “Little Friends” It is gratifying to see the below restoration. Unfortunately one is lost from time to time in fact one, modified for racing,  was lost at the Reno Air Races this year and it would be a real shame for posterity to never see a real P-51 which was so important in the preservation of our freedom.

Click the below image to start video:

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