Blue is the new Green

 The below story seems a bit weird to me. After graduating from Purdue I interviewed several companies for a job. One of the companies was Hallmark Greeting Cards and they had an opening in their marketing department which sounded interesting. The one thing I remember from that long ago (50 years) interview was the example the Hallmark representative gave me of what their marketing department did.  At that time Hallmark was getting ready to revamp all of  its stores and were trying to decide what colors to use for their update. He told be about the focus groups that were used to pick out the color of their card cabinets and it was blue very similar to the heading background on this blog. According to their marketing research blue would put their customers in a state of mind to buy cards. He said some of the other colors agitated customers. Apparently their secret got out and now blue is the new green according to the below linked article – go figure.

Footnote: No Hallmark for me; I went to work for Link-Belt selling bearings and had a ball

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