Watched the linked program on PBS last night. I think we all know crows are intelligent but “riddle me this”:

Nuts are hard to crack so, again most of us know this, crows fly the nuts into the air and drop them but here comes the “kicker”: They wait until the traffic light turns red so the nuts or themselves will not get run over by the cars. Also based on the nut’s size and weight a specific altitude is selected that will crack the nut but not shatter it.

The following was not taught to the crow. He/she figured out the solution:

Problem: meat was in a cage reachable only by a long stick. Long stick was in second cage reachable by short stick. Short stick on string hanging from perch.

Crow’s solution: lift up string to get short stick, use short stick to get long stick out of second cage then use long stick to get food.

Lastly, it scratched E = mc² into the sand – just kidding.

Click here for link to program

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