Blinkers for the Old Girl

Last winter I was constantly rolling down my Model A window to signal turns and it got pretty cold especially since my Model A does not have any kind of a heater. To escape that cold weather experience I recently installed turn signals with beeper and indicator lights. Hopefully the associated video will help anybody wanting to go down the same road.

The first view is of my test board. I felt a need to lay out the components in a workable format because I am not overly familiar with the electrical or mechanical aspects of a Model A. The expanded metal served as my virtual Model A body and therefore the electrical ground.

My bumper lights were purchased from Brattons along with a flasher. I was told when ordering the lights and flasher that they were compatible. Not quite because to make the flasher work a 2.5 Ohm resistor was needed on both the left and right side of the blinker circuit and I purchased those along with my wire and beeper from Gateway Electronics (they have a web site). The interior indicator lights were purchased from Old Dog located on Dorsett Road in St Louis County (they have a web site)

I believe the rest of the video is self explanatory but if you have any questions I will be glad to try and answer them via my e-mail which is



Turn Signal WiringClick here for the video

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