I posted the below on our Model A club site Saturday, 2/28/15:

“Gang, some of you may get a kick out of this: I took my Lady out for a stroll today. As I was coming up to the intersection of Amiot and Dorsett three teenagers were just finishing up unloading a trailer. In fact, their trailer blocked the street for a couple of minutes (no big deal). After the trailer was moved I continued my “stroll”. As I was passing the young men one of them, biggest of the tree, grabbed his heart and pointed to my “A” and said he was in “Love” meaning he just fell in “Love” with my “A”. I about died laughing because it came out of the blue. I think any of the “A’s” in our club would  have elicited the same response from the kid. It was a nice touch to the day. ”

Below image is the “Lady” posing in front of the frozen “Dripping Springs” in Creve Coeur Park. Below the image is a link to a bit of Yatta Yatta about “Dripping Springs”


Click here for information on “Dripping Springs” contained at “Dark Destinations”


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