Saving Money

Several years ago I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and was prescribed a drug that was the generic form of Fosomax called Alendronate. As I remember the price for four pills was about $16.00 when I started taking them. As time  went on the price at Walgreens kept going up until finally on 3/19/15 the price I paid was $35.67. I remembered hearing somewhere that Costco was pretty reasonable on drugs so I checked. You can easily find their price for most any drug on their website and the link is below. Instead of paying $35.67 at Walgreens I only had to pay $8.66 for the same drug at Costco. If the old gray cells are firing correctly that is a difference of 311%. If you are not a member of Costco it will cost you $4 or $5 more but still a huge savings (membership not required for prescriptions and they may be purchased online). I checked another medicine I take while at the store and it was about the same as I am paying now so you really need to check the price of the specific medicine you may be taking to be sure there is savings for you at Costco but it is very easy to do; just click the bottom link below:

Double clicking the images should enlarge them for easier reading

a 001A



 a 002A

Click here for Costco pricing


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