Humanity and a B-29

I recently “toured” the below B-29. During the tour the pilot was asked what was the most impressive aspect of his job. His reply may surprise you. One day he was doing a tour of the airplane and a middle aged man brought up his ailing father. His father was 93 years old and had flown the B-29 during WW ll. His father had advanced Alzheimer’s disease and could not remember incidents occurring only minutes earlier when asked to describe them. They managed to get the father into the pilot’s seat where he had sat years ago. The pilot asked him to name the many switches appearing on the instrument panel of the B-29. As you would do during a pre-flight check he touched each switch and recited its name correctly. The pilot looked over at the son and tears were streaming down his cheeks. What a story. It and the post below suggest humanity trumps all else especially in the twilight of our lives.





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