Big Tree Removal

Notice the spikes attached to the climbers feet in the below image. If my memory serves me correctly they are called “Gaffs”. Over 50 years ago gaffs and I got to know each other rather well. I was doing the active duty part of my army reserve training and the army thought I should be a “Field Communication Specialist”. Part of that job was climbing telephone poles so that wires could be strung between them. The gaffs allowed you to dig into the pole with the spike that was on the end of the steel gaff. It worked really well except when you leaned in too close to the pole. We were constantly told to lean back and stay away from the pole. The guy next to me didn’t and he “gaffed out” meaning he slid right down the pole. The worst part was when he landed; one foot went on top of the other and the gaff went through his foot coming out the bottom. As you can imagine there was lots of blood. After that the rest of us never had to be told to lean away from the pole.


Click here for the video

Thanks to Dennis V for the above link

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