Black Hawk Rescue

Click here for video

The Black Hawk in the video is operating, in my opinion, at the edge of its capabilities because of the less dense air at 14,000 feet. Notice how it kind of bobbles up and down as it nears the injured man. During a flight many years ago in my Cessna 172 I took off from Colorado’s Front Range airport just east of Denver and had to make a sharp turn after take-off to stay on my Loran’s navigational beacon (before the days of GPS). It was summer and in addition to the altitude the air was also less dense from the heat. I was a bit heavy, but within safety limits, from the camping gear on board (just finished three days of camping with my son in the mountains). The mushy control seen in the bobbles of the helicopter is something I experienced in the above turn after take-off. That spooky partial loss of control startled me so much it has stayed with me for over 50 years. My hat is off to the awesome flying skills of the helicopter pilot.



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