The Road to Basecamp

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Many years ago I did a road trip through part of Colorado and one of my destinations was Aspen. There was a road in to Aspen, State Road 82 I think, that had a hairpin curve and no guard rail. Before my encounter with that hairpin curve I had driven many hours and was dead tired. It was night and even in the daytime you cannot see oncoming traffic because of the hairpin curve. For some crazy reason the hairpin turn scared the heebie-jeebies out of me perhaps because I was really weary when I encountered it. At any rate in the middle of the night I sat straight up in bed with eyes wide open and had a flashback to that hairpin curve so I can relate a bit to the attached video. Below is an image of a much younger me sitting on the edge of a road in Colorado mesmerized by its beauty. If you have never visited Colorado I urge you to check it out.




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