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I had a deceased friend who worked on this plane (XB-70) and he told me a couple of things about it that was not in the video. The first was that the nose wheel sat so far behind the pilot that too many times pilots missed the taxiways. The reason is that the natural tendency is to turn when you are next to the entrance to the taxiway but on the XB-70 the nose wheel that does the turning does not arrive at that point until the pilot is way past the taxiway. The answer was to mount a camera with a feed to the cockpit so the pilot could see when the nose wheel was getting close to the taxiway. The second interesting thing was that the XB-70 was so fast that it took huge distances to turn it around. If you were flying from California and approaching New York you would not complete a 180 degree turn until you were near Virginia. A very cool plane flown in the 60’s.



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