“Ronny Jackson allegations threaten to upend nomination”

Not me folks. My first name is Ronnay not Ronny. 80 years ago Glen Jackson declared his new son would be named Ronnay. When I was a smartass teenager I asked Dad why did you spell my name like you did? He said it was to differentiate his son from the many other Jacksons with the first name of Ronnie. Then the teenager, me, said come on Dad it was because you only went to the 8th grade (this was to a guy who later worked his butt off to help get me through college) and you spelled it phonetically. It was not too long after that conversation that my Mom and I were sitting on the porch watching the World go by and a police car stopped in front of the house. Two burly policemen got out of the car and trudged up the 10 steps to the porch. My Mom asked if she could help them. They asked if Ronnie Jackson lived at the house. Mom said how are you spelling Ronnie? They replied: “Ronnie”. She said her son’s name was spelled Ronnay. They did a pivot and without a word walked down the steps to their police car and drove off. We never heard anything further from the Indianapolis pokice department. I am sorry to say I never apologized to my father for my comment but did appreciate his wisdom and foresight. Again, today with all of the news headlines concerning Ronny Jackson Dad’s foresight looks remarkable – I am sorry Dad for my dumb comment and thank you for your wisdom. Love – Ron


Above is where the story took place

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