Beautiful Souls

Saturday, 12/15/18, was Cookie Day. Every year (for 27 years my daughter claims) our family members have gathered to bake holiday cookies. About 8 years ago I became a back-up driver for Meals-on-Wheels and shortly thereafter we started including the Meals-on-Wheels clients as cookie recipients. Most years, the client count has been around 30, but when I asked this year I was told there were 43 souls on the list. We put 6 – 8 cookies in each bag for the clients so the cookie count goes up quickly. We also make enough cookies for our relatives, friends and neighbors. We soon realized our work was (no pun intended) cut out for us this year. My granddaughter, Alison, put the word out at her workplace that help was needed. She serves through Americorps at College Bound STL. She and her co-service members spend their hours educating young men and women in St. Louis on how to complete college application forms and obtain college financing. Five of her co-service members, plus a high school friend, answered the call. These beautiful souls worked tirelessly most of the day Saturday to produce the 43 bags of cookies that I took to the Meals-on-Wheels office for distribution to clients. I can think of nothing I did at their age that was so giving and that wows me immensely. My hat is off to the young folks who are my greatest hope for this great screwed up country. I think they can make things better. Our cookie days have been made possible by many family members and friends, but Cheryl Notter and Julie Uhlenbrock are the backbone of the endeavor and they too have my deep appreciation. Happy Holidays to all – Ron

Beautiful Souls


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  1. RegenAxe Says:

    Great Job! by the way, right below this is your Privacy & Cookies statement. Never has it been more relevant than this post.

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