Game Face


On August 17, there is a tour to Camp Solidarity in Pacific, MO, followed by an afternoon of “Car Games”. What are car games you ask?
Games: Rope-around-the-barrel: Hold a rope and drive in a circle winding a rope around the barrel. Whoever winds up the most rope wins. You can not let the rope hit the ground or pull the 55 gallon drum over.
Blind-Backup: Wearing a blindfold, back up your Model A, judging the distance to a line on the ground. Closest rear wheel to the line, wins. Blind-Figure-8: Drive has a paper bag on their head and the passenger gives directions thru orange cones. Fastest time wins as long at you don’t knock over a cone.
Bullseye: Hang a plum bob on your front bumper and drive to a target. Stop your car when you feel the plum bob is in the center of the target. Closest to bullseye wins.
Bean-Bag-Toss: Passenger tosses bean bags into baskets. The most bean bags in the baskets with the faster time wins

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