Oh, I Have Slipped the Surly bonds of Earth…


I fell in love with this plane in 2016 when I first saw a picture of it. Upon graduation at Purdue I sorely wanted to fly for the Air Force but failed the color test during the physical. I did get to fly Cessna’s for 10 years and racked up 2000 hours plus 1600 landings and takeoffs which helped purge the disappointment from not passing the physical. I have had the image of new Air Force recruits feasting their eyes on this beautiful plane, a trainer, while walking to it for their first flight in it. The plane is similar to F-18’s and F-15’s which for many years were the best fighters in the World. Below the picture is some information about an upcoming presentation by the plane’s chief test pilot. I am really looking forward to the presentation. You might enjoy it also:

The Dragon20200302_09433270



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