“Pucker Factor” 10

My friend Dennis sent the attached video to me. He had a boat and was a commercial fisherman for many years. Watching this brought back the same pucker factor I experienced one day when I was landing at Creve Coeur airport. My plane was rated for a 15 MPH cross wind and I was landing at Creve Coeur while the cross wind was 17 MPH and it got a little “hairy”, no a lot “hairy”.

Click here

Here are the notes Dennis sent with the video:

“It is best to watch this on a desk top, it won’t be much on a cell phone.  Also it is really long but you can always drag it forward on the time line bar on the bottom. 

I fished out of this port for years but was fortunate to never get caught outside on a day like this. Pay attention to the time stamp on how long it takes for a boat to make it through the jaws.

 Tough day  for sure.  I know all the people and the boats in the film.

Many boats got caught outside during this storm. Here is during the lull when there was a lineup of those wanting to take the opportunity to come in.

Note the USCG boat attempting to “break” the swell for the fishing boats to enter. The boats had been idling outside the entrance for over 24 hours, waiting for a break in the weather so they could come home. June II’s load of Dungeness crab inside the hull shifts and the boat keels over, but it makes it in safely”

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