Big Savings

One of the items in the article tied to the below “Click here” actually happed to me. I have an old classic car and was paying quite a bit to insure it. I was told by a car club member about a company that specialized in insurance for old cars and I gave them a call. The savings was about $200. I then called my current insurer and told them my story and asked them to lower my premiums on my old car. They politely declined BUT said they would knock off about $700 on my premium for my modern call. I was dumbfounded and ask “why”. As I remember they trotted out something lame like a safe driver discount. I was elated and pissed. The savings was great but why did I have to accidentally discover it? Another lame answer, but I accepted and have been getting the discount since then. Check it out you too may get pissed and elated at the same time:

Click here

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