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Back in the saddle again

April 18, 2012

After being told I had full-blown osteoporosis and have a fragile spine and hips I gave up my two-wheeled vehicles. I do love the outdoors and like riding but do not relish going to a nursing home with a broken spine. I test rode the below trike recumbent, liked it and bought it. Creve Coeur park has a nice bike trail and I live close to it with very little distance between me and the park; the speed limit on the route to the park is 25 mph. I do not plan on doing much street or road riding with the trike recumbent because they are low and auto drivers have a hard time seeing them but I do plan on using it on the Creve Coeur and other trails (it fits inside my Prius). it is nice to have a bike to ride that presents little danger of falling over; I had two major wrecks on my two-wheeled bicycles and was knocked unconscious both times which is not a good thing if your bones are weak.