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Marine Week

June 23, 2011

Marine Week is being held in St Louis this week. It is the third Marine Week. First was in Chicago and second was in Boston. I rode the Hog down to check out the exhibit. If you click the link below you can see some of the pics and video that I shot. In case you want to see the Osprey (vertical takeoff vehicle) go airborne it is scheduled to leave Sunday, 6/26/11, at 6:00 AM (I may not make it). The Marines threw down the gauntlet and said if we could do 10 pull-ups we would win a Marine baseball cap. Even though I go to the gym every other day pull-ups are not part of my routine but I tried. I only did 5 but asked for a senior discount. The Marine in charge gave me the senior discount and cap (50% is the best senior discount I have ever received). The most bottom link to this post is to an article in the Post Dispatch about Marine Week in case you would like to learn more about it – Ron

Click here for video

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