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Awesome People

February 7, 2013


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Getting older (is) just might be awesome

June 25, 2012

I’m liking it; getting older that is. However, I am so far blessed with pretty good health. I am fighting osteoporosis but that is another story. Like the guy in the article I cannot remember being forgetful but that could change. Anyway, you oldsters and perhaps youngsters might enjoy the linked article about aging and how it is awesome.

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Not for the timid

November 27, 2011

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One awesome dog

September 2, 2011

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Max The Pit Bull

August 9, 2011

Yesterday while getting a meal together for one of my Meals-on-Wheels clients I felt a bump* against my leg. I looked down and found myself eyeball to eyeball with a Pit Bull (below) named Max. He belongs to my Meals-on-Wheels client’s neighbor. Max will forever change my opinion of Pit bulls. I have never encountered a dog that was so loving, so much so that I did not want to leave him,  just an awesome creature who was about 6 months old and had been rescued according to the neighbor. When he bumped my leg and I looked down to see the face of a Pit Bull I wasn’t sure what to expect. My experiences with the breed were pretty negative but Max was all about love. I hope he never changes.

* It was just a “love” bump to get my attention (he came up behind me); the bump was just to “say” Hey I am down here how about a little love and affection not like a shark that bumps its prey before it chomps down on it.

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June 24, 2010

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