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Baby Holding Professor

May 11, 2018

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Yesterday by the Pool

June 6, 2017

I Saw this little guy yesterday by the pool. Yesterday was a warm day hitting a high of 92 degrees and I think he/she was just trying to stay cool. I saw no mom around so I made some calls. First to the wild life folks in the county and got no answer. Next to some friends who are deer experts (they have had 17 in their yard all at the same time) and they have experienced the same phenomenon: tiny deer but no mom and were assured by the wild life authorities if left alone mom will return.


Baby Bear on Golf Course

June 12, 2016

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Surfing at Baby Bay

April 26, 2016

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Free-Falling Baby Goose

June 6, 2015

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What the ….?

December 14, 2014

Adorably Confused Baby Meets Twins

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Mom pulling baby around the mall on a creeper

October 9, 2014

and baby loves it:


How to handle junk mail

March 14, 2012

Thanks to Sharon K for the below:

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E-Trade Baby Loses Everything

October 14, 2011

Thanks to Mary V for the below link:

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Baby Faces off with Lion

June 15, 2011

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