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A Bad day for Santa

December 18, 2016


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“From the frying pan into the fire”

March 22, 2014

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Your day has to be better than his:

March 26, 2011

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A bad day for this Blue Marlin

March 13, 2011

Below information came on the e-mail from Dennis V. Click image to play:

 Blue Marlin bill stuck in Crude oil Loading Hose off coast of Angola

 Imagine the speed this fish was moving at to get its snoz through this pipe!!!!!

These are pictures of the floating load hose on the FPSO Girassol in Angola, Africa that was pierced by a blue marlin. Load operations were shut down for a few days while they replaced the hose.

 For reference, this terminal produces about 250k barrels of oil a day and this loading hose is approx 24in in diameter.

Probably not a 10.0 landing

February 4, 2010