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The Bombing of Wall Street

February 13, 2018
The 1920 bombing in Manhattan’s Financial District that left 38 dead and launched the career of J. Edgar Hoover remains unsolved.
Airs tonight, Tuesday, February 13, in St Louis. Check your local listings for the time it will be on your local PBS station.

Boston Marathon Bombing Trial

January 5, 2015

The trial is starting soon and if you would like to get a better feel of what happened and why Netflix has a great documentary called “Inside the Hunt for the Boston Bombers” It can be streamed and it is well done.


Israeli ‘Roof Knocking’ Before Bombing A Target

July 18, 2014

Click here for video


Oklahoma City Bombing Anniversary

April 19, 2011

We Remember. The below images were taken by me in 2008 and today is the bombing anniversary. In the opening scene are the chairs for each person including the many children lost that day from the actions of Timothy McVeigh. The memorial is very moving which you may see in my facial expression in the scene of myself in front of the reflection pool. I would encourage each of you to visit the site if ever in the vicinity – Ron Jackson – Click the image to start video:

We remember: Oaklahoma City Bombing

April 19, 2010