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Cookie Day 2015

December 15, 2015

The Jackson/Notter clan and guest baker, Maya (with glasses), made Christmas cookies again this year; a tradition for over 20 years. This year we made enough for family, friends and to fill 33 bags for the Bridgeton Meals-on-Wheels program. I am sad to report that the 33 Meals-on-Wheels clients is the highest number for the Bridgeton program that I can remember during the many years I have worked as a driver. Perhaps it is the result of more families sliding out of the middle class. Whatever the reason I hope the trend is reversed soon.





The Bridgeton Landfill by Alexey Furman for Al Jazeera

May 2, 2015

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St. Louis area’s biggest boondoggle

May 8, 2013

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February 27, 2013


Bridgeton, Missouri has two Meals-on-Wheels programs. One is federally funded and the other is operated by Bridgeton with no funds coming from any government department. The Director, Mary, sent me her answer after I sent her a “heads up” about the possible impending cuts because of the “Sequester” My original e-mail and her answer is below. I volunteer for the Bridgeton program so we may pick up a few more clients but I don’t think our program is in any danger from the Sequester:

My e-mail to Mary

Meals on Wheels would have to cut 4 million meals, the White House said. “The meals can account for 50 percent or more of daily food for the majority of home delivered participants,”

Mary’s answer

Thanks for the info…this kind of news is exactly why we like to keep our little program up and running.  We are NOT federally funded in any way.  We actually get no funds at all from any government entity (federal, state or municipal.)  We rely on donations and selling books to stay afloat!


September 23, 2011

After delivering Meals-on-Wheels for a couple of years I got my first taste today of a meal. The meal was an extra meal and given to me by the program Director. It is pictured above and was quite good. As I understand the program the meals are available for a little over 2$ but I suspect if a client claimed inability to pay the program Director, Mary L, would find a way to make it happen. In my younger years I may have been a bit smug and arrogant thinking can’t folks take care of their own food needs? Folks after you have lived on this planet for 73 years you learn “stuff happens” and life is not fair. Some folks through no fault of their own end up needing a little assistance. The program I work for is supported by the city of Bridgeton and is their program. Operating out of their community center is also a Federal program. Bridgeton’s program has been operating for about 35 years and they are reluctant to end it because sometimes the Federal program is curtailed or reduced because of budget cuts and when that happens they can still help. Most think the program only benefits our clients but in all honesty I get more out of it than the clients. I enjoy the opportunity to be of some value – having a purpose in life is important. Just last weekend on a trip back to my alma mater, Purdue, for alumni weekend I overhead a senior sitting across from me in a restaurant say “life is boring”. I honestly think his attitude would change if he had the opportunity to help others. Not only is it a gift to have the opportunity to help but we never know if we might be on the receiving end someday and if that happens rest assured it is a tasty way go.

A football field 26 feet deep in wood chips

May 28, 2011

A football field 26 feet deep in wood chips is what FEMA said the vegetation debris from the Good Friday Tornado in St Louis on Friday, 4/22/11, equaled. Yesterday I rode the Hog over to the temporary holding area for the debris and took pictures. It gives you an idea of the destruction in Bridgeton on that day. To see those pics click below:

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BRIDGETON: Community college site gets OK

May 20, 2011

Yesterday I drove to Kirkwood to register for a basic piano class and thought to myself  how nice the Meramec Community College was (could use a bit of sprucing up) but how nice it would be if it were closer. Todays paper suggests it soon will be.

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Below map shows site of new community college: