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College Students to Prison

December 7, 2016

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Good students who cannot afford Ivy League schools now have a chance at attending them

September 11, 2013

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Higher Education?

June 30, 2013

Can you spot the spelling error Radford University made on the below diploma?


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Why are colleges so expensive?

May 11, 2013

The linked article rings true on a couple of points:

I have a friend whose daughter visited Purdue and several other schools only to choose Washington University here in St Louis (about $40,000/yr). Her reason the dorms at Purdue were not leading edge. Purdue must have heard her because now they have new dorms similar to apartments for individual students with maid service.

Also the linked article alludes to an article I read in the Wall Street Journal several years ago. The bottom line was where did the top ten people e.g. President of US, VP,  Corporate Executives, etc. in the USA attend college. Not one of them attended an important school like Harvard or Princeton. They all attended small insignificant schools like bible colleges and other small private schools. It was not the “size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight inside the dog” i.e. success had nothing to do with which school that was attended.

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Free Concert

February 29, 2012

“the wolves are getting closer to the campfire.”

July 22, 2010

My college 50th reunion is in September and I am looking forward to it. Perhaps some of you are also in the same boat. You might enjoy the below read:

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