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Cookie Day 2015

December 15, 2015

The Jackson/Notter clan and guest baker, Maya (with glasses), made Christmas cookies again this year; a tradition for over 20 years. This year we made enough for family, friends and to fill 33 bags for the Bridgeton Meals-on-Wheels program. I am sad to report that the 33 Meals-on-Wheels clients is the highest number for the Bridgeton program that I can remember during the many years I have worked as a driver. Perhaps it is the result of more families sliding out of the middle class. Whatever the reason I hope the trend is reversed soon.





Girl Scout Cookies: Campaign starts today – help e’m out

January 21, 2012

Just ordered mine from a little gal that knocked on the door:

A bit of love from home…

February 27, 2011

I just left my local grocery store and on the way out was solicited by the Girl Scouts to buy some cookies. I explained to the kids my dietician was not real excited about the effect of cookies on my cholesterol numbers (they are finally where they should be) so I gave them some money to use for those folks who cannot afford them. They replied they were part of the “Cookies for the Troops” movement. If you are reticent about loading up your arteries with fats and other less than ideal matter consider asking if your Girl Scouts are participating in the above effort. For a brief moment those guys in foreign lands that are laying their lives on the line for you and me might be virtually transported home via the sight and taste of Girl Scout Cookies.