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Go Ape

July 20, 2017

My son and a couple of his kids visited me this week and decided to “check out” the Go Ape site. All did a great job of navigating the course. The safety instruction was awesome. Some photos from the “happening” are below:



First safety lecture


She said the red clip goes where?


More safety lectures close to the ground




First solo “flight at altitude”


Butt first landing on one of the zip-lines


Approach to landing by Pa Pa Bear



Tarzan swing into net



All survived


Locked in Love

July 3, 2017

Last weekend I rode my trike about 30 miles on the Katy Trail and saw a new (to me) phenomenon, There was a section of the bridge from Creve Coeur Park to the Katy Trail adorned with locks. Most of them seem to be couples. I guess they are attempting to  immortalize their Katy ride and perhaps their love for each other. There is a photo  below of that bridge section and a few others I snapped along the way.





Close call

September 22, 2013

Click here


Blessed with the sighting of this beauty

August 6, 2011

Tonight as usual I cut through Creve Coeur park on the way to 5:00 Mass and was blessed with the below sight. I was also fortunate enough to have time to stop the car, park it, get out my camera, draw a bead on the magnificent Bald Eagle and make the shot. I suspect the Creve Coeur habitat has enough fish and small birds for this predator to survive just fine most of the year. At any rate it was a joy to finally see the eagle in Creve Coeur that so many have told me about. Now, if I can be just as lucky (or not) to run across the black bobcat who also calls Creve Coeur home.

Nature’s treat

January 9, 2011

On the way to Mass last night I saw a small herd of young deer in Creve Coeur Park. I like to cut through the park on the way to Mass to take in the sights of the park. I know for a fact it is home to deer, turkey, hawks, owls and at least one black bobcat. I am sure there are many other creatures in the park that I have never seen. The below photos were taken out of my car window and the deer were about a football field away from the narrow two lane road I was on so their clarity is not the best. Actually there were about a dozen of the young deer foraging which they usually do late in the afternoon. I always look for them (especially when riding the Harley) but probably only see them 1 out 50 times but when I do it is enjoyable.

Merry Christmas

December 25, 2010

Photo taken at Creve Coeur Park Christmas morning 2010

Maryland Hts. 25 year celebration

June 4, 2010

June 4th – June 6th Maryland Hts. is having a celebration at Creve Coeur Park – check out the video – click here