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Backing up Fail

May 28, 2016

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Making banks not too big to fail

August 5, 2015

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Tank Loading “Fail”

May 20, 2015

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Gomer’s Snowblower Needs Work

February 24, 2015

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This should work out well

April 29, 2014



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Bikers take wrong turn

October 2, 2013

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If you have tried to e-mail me…

August 12, 2012

Shortly before my vacation my e-mail quit working. I worked on it for a while and even employed the help of a Geek Squad nerd for over 2 hours to no avail. I spent a good part of yesterday working on it but nothing seems to help. My next move is to take my computer to the shop because it has been spitting out some weird alerts that may be connected to the e-mail problem. The purpose of this “heads up” is not to solicit your sympathy ( although if you care to donate to the cause I will accept anything larger than $.50) but to let you know I am not ignoring your e-mails; I am just not getting them.

Dumb and Dumber

February 26, 2011

Thanks to Al G for below video:

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August 12, 2010

Three test questions to fail with dignity

May 20, 2010

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