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What the World needs now

November 28, 2014


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Meet Devonte

St Louis

August 25, 2014

Below is a quote from a long time friend of mine about a newsletter from the my Model A club and St Louis. My response follows his quote:

“Good to hear something fun and nice about St Louis.  As you know, the national news has not been so good the past week or so”

The international news of late about St. Louis saddens me because I believe St. Louis is a wonderful city with good race relations. During the time I ran my small business and more recently working with Meals-on-Wheels, Room at the Inn and St Patrick Center I encounter all races and not once has there been a negative race incident. Also some of you may not realize out of 203 arrests in Ferguson only six lived in Ferguson. Most of the arrests were for people from other cities as far away as Texas and as near home as the city of St Louis. I pray the truth and all the facts come out about the tragic shooting and we return to living peacefully with all those made in God’s image. Please join me in those prayers. – Ron Jackson