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Twinkies in Park with God

April 10, 2017

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God Whispers

December 24, 2013

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January 29, 2012

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Cross from the 40 ft steeple toppled by storm

April 25, 2011

On Easter Sunday our pastor at Holy Spirit hung the cross from our church steeple in the foyer of our church. It was knocked off the roof by an E4  tornado that hit our area Friday, 4/22/11, night. There were about 375 souls in the  church at the time attending Holy Friday services. Nobody in our church or St Louis area was killed or badly hurt. Some feel it was the hand of God protecting us  and if so I reverently thank him for his protection.

Gifford’s husband: God, prayer and Angels

February 4, 2011

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“Love affair with God”

January 23, 2011


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After Lincoln’s beloved son Willie died

October 14, 2010

(Continued from the previous post about PBS’s series God in America)

Lincoln did some soul-searching concerning the relationship between God and the Civil War. Below is his effort in his own hand to decipher God’s purpose of the Civil War. After the note was penned he made the decision that the war was God’s will and it would be prosecuted no mater what cost of men and money to the very end which is just one example of how religion influenced the history of our country. The note is a bit difficult to read but you can read a typed version on the PBS web site by clicking below and scrolling to “Meditation on the Divine Will”

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The program’s historians said Lincoln never intended for anyone to read the below note:

God and Motorcycles

September 1, 2010

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Scientists explain God’s existence

June 3, 2010

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The Invisible Woman

February 25, 2010

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