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Angel Flights

January 10, 2011

Thanks to Dorothy W for the below:

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What’s it all about Alfie?

September 22, 2010

It is time to pause, go back to those days of innocence and find out from my Purdue freshman buddies (below) what over a half century of “Life” has exacted from their dreams of 50 years ago. Yes, alumni weekend at Purdue is this coming weekend and it will be 50 years since I have seen some of the Boilermakers. It should be fun if not enlightening and I am looking forward to it. Posts on this site might be a bit lite while I delve into the mysteries of life over a Budweiser with those whom I started the journey many years ago.

Later – Ron

Dorm picture 1956

PS In case you are interested I am the cool dude, top row, 2nd from left in the black “Go to Hell” hat.