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Unique Drone Photos

May 7, 2015

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Thanks to Tony V for the above link


January 11, 2014

“Bulldog” lives in Africa and checked out my blog but left his blog link. He likes to take pictures at the wild animal game parks in Africa. You might want to look at his gallery, If so, just click below and after clicking on his gallery keep scrolling because there are a lot of nice images to see.

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More than just pictures

June 5, 2012

Thanks to Jim W for the images used in the below video:

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My Super Bowl Half Time Show

February 5, 2012

Thanks to Sharon K for the images in the video. I took my 8 months of piano training and added a sound track to the video by playing the song from the 1973 movie “The Sting” It starred the late Paul Newman and Robert Redford. I believe it was a classic and I still love the sound track which is a song called the Entertainer and was written by Scot Joplin. Mr. Joplin lived several years in St Louis and his home has been turned into a nice memorial and landmark. I hope Madonna doesn’t think I am trying to preempt her efforts at the half time show today at Super Bowl 46. I wouldn’t do that because I know she needs the money and Lord knows that big social security check I get keeps me rolling in dough 😉

 Click the image to start the show:

Unusual Images

April 3, 2011

Thanks to Dennis V for the unusual image used in the slide show below – click image to see video:

Some great space images

February 7, 2011

Thanks to Dennis V for the below link to some great space images:

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Watch This!

December 19, 2010

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