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From Indiana to ISIS

April 14, 2018

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America’s Great Divergence

January 31, 2017

CONNERSVILLE, Indiana—Ashley Gabbert and Dan Dark are both white Indiana residents in their early 30s, but their lives look nothing alike.

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January 15, 2015

If you like pulling for the underdog check out Medora. Admittedly there are some slow parts but they are well compensated for by some heart tugging emotions that will have you close to tears pulling for the kids in the small “one horse Indiana town”. Medora fights to end a long losing streak and goes up against high schools ten times their size but the team grows in many ways.


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August Odyssey Post 3

August 6, 2012

Mass in the morning at Sacred Heart church in La Port Indiana. The afternoon was filled with trail riding at the Indiana Dunes State Park but first I checked out the visitors center (top picture). Riding the trike in the sand was difficult but using the trike to surf the waves was impossible (not enough air in the tires) Click images to enlarge them and you can return to the site with your “Back” button.

They clapped for the homily

March 4, 2012
The following link is a homily from St John the Evangelist parish in Indiana. The priest was a lawyer – the parish is middle class, northern Indiana, blue collar, likely democratic. It is incredibly clear, direct and created a fire of activity.

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Bridges of Parke County; not Eastwood’s movie

October 9, 2010

I recently went to Indiana to be with my 7 year old grandson on his school’s Grandparent’s Day and we had a great time. I took my Harley to Hoosier-Land for two reasons: (1) I wanted to ride it on the bridge routes during the Covered Bridge Festival. (2) I also wanted to try my solution to a Harley vacation without rain-riding which I do not like. For a small fee I rented a U-Haul and applied my “invention” for securing the Harley inside the covered U-Haul – It worked well but that is another story for another time. Below are a few images from the Covered Bridge Festival centered in the Rockville Indiana area. There are hundreds of covered bridges in Indiana but Rockville has a high concentration of them. In case any of the images stir your desire to “get up and go” the Festival lasts until October 18th.