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There ‘s a sermon in there somewhere

May 10, 2011

I happened to meet the below Pastor Jeff Perry in Trader Joes yesterday. You may have seen his ads on TV. Some how our chat turned to the local tornado damage and I mentioned to him our church steeple had been destroyed in the storm and the bad news is our insurance deductible is $2500 but the really great news is that several communication companies are interested in placing a cell tower inside our new steeple which may yield $1200 per month for a long time. Pastor Jeff replied: “There is a sermon in there somewhere”. Just for starters how about “When the Lord closes one door he opens another”. He mentioned his organization, Service International  had orange shirted volunteers in Bridgeton helping out with the clean up. I told him last Friday while delivering Meals-on-two-Wheels I passed through the area devastated by the storm and saw huge numbers of orange shirted volunteers (his volunteers). He said on one given day there were 1100 orange shirted volunteers – Wow! Most of the ones I saw were young folks and they seemed to be enjoying their work. Perhpas showing the good side of mankind is the silver lining to the storm – Ron

Click here for the Jeff Perry video: God with Us