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I’m Right Here Mom

May 15, 2014

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The miraculous flight

June 24, 2011

Thanks to Dennis V for the following link. It is interesting to listen to the radio transmissions and to see the airspeed, altitude and attitude of the plane during the miraculous flight. For those not flight savvy any airplane has a stall speed. My small Cessna stalled (fell out of the air) at about 58 MPH and many airliners stall around 120 MPH. During the simulated flight you can simultaneously watch (a pilot keenly watches it during landing) airspeed and altitude. With no engine thrust altitude is “airspeed in the bank” in other works you can easily swap altitude for airspeed and vice versa. The trick is not to run out of airspeed before you touch down at a pre-determined point thus landing is the trickiest part of flying. Check out the below link I think you will enjoy it.

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