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“Bring it on” Old Man Winter

January 8, 2018

The “Old Girl” kind of groaned when I started her up for this picture but all was well after she got warmed up a bit:



Between a Rock and a Hard Place

October 29, 2017

The below pics are from a Model A tour over the past weekend. A covey of “A’s” from our club made the roughly 100 mile trek to Elephant Rock State Park for a bit of leaf peeping and sight seeing. It was a very nice trip to the park plus a visit to some other points of interest. As far as I know all made the trip safely with only one minor mechanical blip. Dave H. had a radiator hose clamp loosen up a bit but a little water and elbow grease stopped that problem. All in all a great trip. Thank you Larry S. our trip leader.

IMG_0092 - Copy


IMG_0083 - Copy

IMG_0080 - Copy


Model T then Model A

August 2, 2017

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Thanks to Millie S for the above link

Finding Fall

November 19, 2016



November 5, 2016

Mike the owner of the below Penny-farthing stopped to see my Model A and was I glad. For years, I have been trying to get a picture of him as he whizzed by me in my neighborhood but never could I get my camera out and working fast enough. As expected he said the hard part was starting the ride and of course the hills because it has no gears and no coaster brake. You must pedal constantly and cannot coast.



A Final Farewell

October 10, 2016

One of our Model A club members recently passed away and as usual a squadron of Models A’s escorted the body to the cemetery and after the grave side service we left in mass. As we passed the gravesite where our friend was to be entombed we blew our “Ahooga” horns for a final farewell. A picture of our A’s at the funeral home is below


Retirement Joy

April 29, 2016

Well, the “old girl” threw her clutch. I heard a loud pop and a dreaded clunk and could not shift gears. I did a U-turn and headed for the barn at 10 MPH. A couple of Model A Club friends came over and gave their assessment. We pulled the rear end and transmission and the clutch is now in the hands of a rebuilder. The culprit was one or more of the clutch springs. See the bottom picture with the arrow to see where the springs are supposed to be. None were in place when we took the clutch out. Hopefully we will have her back on the road again soon.




Before the Model A

March 20, 2016

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The Model A Story

February 3, 2016

Warning: This vintage movie is a bit long and probably best appreciated by old car buffs. After watching it I wanted to go out and buy one (Henry’s magic BS) even though I already own one. Have fun.

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“Let’s Spend The Day In My Model A”

January 20, 2016

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