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Bandit caught in the act

August 25, 2011

Last seen hightailing it back to the nest:

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Just Ducky

May 13, 2011

After returning from the gym this morning I took a tour of my yard to see how my newly planted grass was doing and “Lo and Behold” there was Mrs. Duck. I have seen the pair around our neighborhood and in our pool but had no idea where Mrs. Duck would nest. It appears she has graced my humble abode. That is great because I like to see her and Mr Duck waddle around the area. What a hoot (or should it be quack) it will be if she produces little ones – stay tuned. In case you can’t find her in the photo she is sitting at the base of the tree on the left side of the tree.

Isn’t this ducky

April 3, 2010

According to our local bird expert (thanks Millie) this is the same mallard (picture taken 4/3/10) that takes morning dips with his significant other in our pool after the condo association opens it late spring. Perhaps he is scouting for a nest location a bit closer to his pool?