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Ain’t Gonna Happen

February 12, 2018

Lloyd, a friend I work out with at the gym converted a Model A like mine shown below into a gorgeous red Hot Rod which he subsequently sold. The good news is he got $100,000 for the car and the bad news is he had $250,000 in the car. It took him and two other rebuilders 3 years to complete. He spent 3 days in California with a wheel designer and had the wheels custom made. The engine is a Corvette engine purchased new through Weber Chevrolet. It arrived in a crate and was forwarded to a place in Arkansas that smooth bored the block plus other special alterations but most of the cost was in labor. I believe the Hot Rod is totally awesome but if the money was left of the equation I would not let him convert my Mode A into such a Hot Rod. That is how much I like my Model A which is only worth $15,000. He keeps asking me to bring my Model A to his house so he can introduce it to his plasma cutter – ain’t gonna happen.