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College Students to Prison

December 7, 2016

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June 2, 2016


In an effort to set the stage let me ask you how many years do you think Johnny Cash spent in prison? I watched a PBS program recently about the “Man in Black” and his friends. Not much was mentioned in the program, at least the part I saw, about Johnny Cash’s prison stay. After the program was  over I checked it out. I was so sure of his prison time I actually searched “reason for Johnny Cash’s imprisonment” My whole life I thought he spent time in prison and rehabilitated himself into a “good guy”. Foolish me. He actually spent no time in prison. Jail, yes, on a few misdemeanors. His band name was the “Outlaws” and his marketing people promoted the idea he was this bad old jailbird to help him sell songs and it worked. In the big scheme of things no big deal but it sure surprised me, did it you?

Prison Peforming Arts

February 1, 2013

I and two ladies from my church attended the below last night. It is the first time I have ever been in a functioning prison (I toured the deactivated Jefferson City prison once). The inmates put on a superb performance. Considering it was bitter cold and there is little advertising of the prison productions the attendance was amazing; I would guess there were close to  100 watching the performance. If  you ever get the opportunity to attend a performance I urge you to do so. Below the image is a link to the PPA website.

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Prison Escape

January 22, 2013

You can enlarge the below picture of the prison’s execution chairs by double clicking the image:


Last night I watched a PBS special “The Road to Memphis” about the assassination of Dr. King. James Earl Ray who assassinated Dr. King escaped from the Missouri prison in Jefferson City, the same one my granddaughter, her friend and I toured. I  remember the tour guide mentioning the prison housed Ray but do not remember him saying he escaped from the prison. Possibly a “suggestion” from the Missouri Department of Corrections to put a better light on their department – think?


Anybody want to go to prison?

June 19, 2012

The parishioner that runs our homeless program at church suggested I might like to attend a play at one of the Missouri state prisons. I considered it for a while and decided to check  into it a bit more. I would like to attend such a performance but discovered the next available performance is Ovid’s Metamorphis which is Shakespeare and I am not a Shakespeare fan. I would have really enjoyed the recent performance of One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest (I can still see Jack Nicholson’s demonic smile in my mind and it has been over 35 years since I saw the movie). If you have an interest in attending the July 19th performance of Metamorphis at the Women’s prison in Vandalia Missouri you need to call 314  289 4190 to obtain the forms needed for entry into the facility. I asked if I could video record the performance and was told no. I asked if I could take pictures and was told no. I asked if they would let me out after the performance and they said yes. Below is a web site you can visit which has more information about prison theater.

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Would be “DWI” drivers please watch

April 18, 2011

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A message from the Great State of Illinois

September 27, 2010

Somebody appreciates Madoff

June 8, 2010

Bernie Madoff Seen as Success Story Among Inmates in Prison, Ex-Con Tells ABC News – Click here