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A Heads Up!

September 27, 2011

Click the below link for the list of $4 drugs at Walmart. You could take such a list with you on your next Doctor’s visit and show it to him. Could save you plenty. Other pharmacies probably have such a list; check with Google.  Click below for the Walmart list:

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Pilots go paperless

August 26, 2011

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Big Savings on Eye Glasses

September 20, 2010

My next door neighbor’s step-dad told me about an online eye glass outfit that has worked out to be a pretty good deal. I wanted a pair of glasses with “Transition” lenses (darken in sunlight) but I have a (no line) progressive prescription that bumps up the cost. My normal glasses came with a sunglass clip but it jiggles a lot on the motorcycle and actually flew off once.  I found nobody selling the transition glasses for less than $330.00 locally. My neighbor’s step-dad told me about Zinni online. The cost was $90.00 or about 70% less than the locals. There is a bit of a downside because you must enter your prescription into the computer and supply the measurements for the frame. I was pretty skeptical and would not have been surprised if the whole thing turned into a big mess but behold I received them Saturday and they are great. They darken as advertised and I cannot tell the difference when I switch over to my more expensive glasses supplied locally. One small caveat: The nose pads on the Zinni glasses are not quite as comfortable as those on the locally purchased ones but I believe I can pay a small amount to upgrade the pads. Also, try to stay with the generic “Photo-chromatic” lenses if you can because the “Transition” brand increases the cost. “Strong” prescriptions require the “Transition” brand lenses. Beware that neither the generic photo-chromatic or brand name “Transitions” darken in an automobile; they work just fine on a motorcycle or bike. If interested the link is below. No guarantee you will come out as good as I did; it may have been “beginners luck”

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