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September 26, 2017

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Movie of Civil War soldiers reunited – priceless

January 22, 2012

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In the movie you will see the below rock wall and barn shown in the photo I took at Gettysburg during my visit in 2001. The wall you see is the wall Union soldiers were crouching behind for protection from Confederate fire (to better see the wall double-click image). Robert E Lee sent over 12,000 soldiers across the huge open field with no cover from the Union rifle and cannon fire. I have seen estimates stating 10,000 of those 12,000 men were slaughtered in the unbelievable carnage of Pickett’s Charge. To me it was a very bad decision to attack dug in troops in such a manner and some historians have blamed it on a strange illness Lee suffered several weeks before the battle. Some believe his illness was actually a stroke and Lee’s cognitive function was impaired.  Whatever the cause it was certainly a costly decision for the Confederacy and Gettysburg was the beginning of the end of the Confederacy.

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