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Let’s go home

January 6, 2014

After 2 arduous days on 12/27/13 and 12/28/13 driving 8 hours both days, loading and unloading, the below little coupe is now tucked into my garage protected from the current bitter snow storm. The top picture was taken in Oklahoma as we, my friend Dave S and I, were getting ready for the 8 hour trek back to St Louis. The remaining pictures are of the 1930 Ford Model A. It is a nice classic (83 years young) but has some issues which I believe are fairly easy to fix. I believe with some effort I can add a little value to the car and if so it may turn out to be a good investment. For starters antique cars usually have a low price in weak economic times and get overpriced when the economy gets hot; we shall see. In the meantime this old man will have something to putter around with both driving it and improving it.













St. Louis Man’s Christmas Wish

December 23, 2013

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First Year of Lights at St Louis Botanical Garden

December 20, 2013

My granddaughter and I checked out the lights, this is the first year, at the St Louis Botanical Garden. If you have not had the chance to check them out yourself click below for a slide show/video of the event:

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Flock of gobblers

December 19, 2013

Some gobblers (turkeys) near my home around Olive and highway 141 on 12/17/13. I apologize for the clarity; the image was taken with my cell phone on the telephoto setting – not enough pixels.


Pianos for People

November 29, 2013

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In the below linked story it is described how all the previous owner of the piano wanted is for the instrument to bring some joy to its new owner. When Jackson Piano delivered my small but amazing Baldwin shown in the upper right-hand image the delivery men said the previous owner only wished that her piano go to someone who would use it. She got her wish. Since delivery I have played it almost everyday. That is not to say after a little over two years I am ready for Carnegie Hall but I do use for at least 30 – 60 minutes per day. I suspect for someone to become a really accomplished piano player it would require a lot more practice than what I do but I do enjoy the time spent at the keyboard both in class and practice.


The festival referenced in this story is coming to St Louis. For more information about it Click here

TEDx is coming to St Louis

November 27, 2013

I have often posted references to TED on this blog. Their slogan is “Ideas Worth Spreading” and it is an appropriate slogan. A TED related live program will soon be held in St Louis. Click below for details:

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Bicycle Plan

September 27, 2013

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Midwest Nightfly Sky Show

September 13, 2013


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Dueling Pianos

September 12, 2013

The dueling pianos of Pat Joyce (on the right in the video) and Gary Maddes last Tuesday gave the patrons of the Wine Press a magical evening. They are “Wow!”. Check them out in the video linked below. Remember it was recorded on an old entry-level digital camera by a non-professional consequently the quality was much better during the live presentation but hopefully you will get an idea of the amazing talent in the room that evening. Pat normally plays every Tuesday at the Wine Press on Olive starting at 7:00 PM.


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Pat Joyce tickles the ivories at the St Louis Jazz Festival

September 2, 2013

Pat out did himself at the Sunday, 9/1/13, St Louis Jazz Festival. He was playing a magnificent Wurlitzer furnished by the Jackson Piano Company (no relation). He truly is a musical gift to us all. Last year at a St Louis Jazz event a lady sitting at my table noticed I was intently watching Pat play and she leaned over and whispered into my ear “You will never live long enough to play that good” How right she was not even if I lived to be 500 years old. In case you would like to buy any of Pat’s CD’s or hire him for a gig just call the number on the below card:

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pat 001