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Looking for a Fall Trip?

August 28, 2017

Last weekend I “checked out” a possible destination for our Model A Club to visit on a Fall “Tour”. You might like it also. It is about 65 miles South of St. Louis and located in the beautiful rolling hills of Missouri wine country. The name of the place is Crown Ridge Tiger Sanctuary and there are some pictures below. The big cats are taken in and given a pretty nice retirement. Probably the best part of the sanctuary for the public is the tour given to visitors by their guide. The cost is $10 and there is a little bonus for wine lovers because just down the road a bit is the Crown Valley Winery  with a gorgeous view from their patio. There are some pictures below:

The nice restaurant located on the tiger sanctuary grounds


This is the local “Top Dog” weighing in at 550 lbs. The other cats are generally smaller. You are about 2 arms distance from the cats and only one arm’s distance from them if you put you hand into the cage.


The tour guide making the visit enjoyable and educational


The bottom two pictures are of the winery. Following is a link to the sanctuary web site:

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Tiger attacks snowman

February 25, 2013


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