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A Lucky Shot

June 16, 2012

Thanks to Dennis V for the below image:

“Rosy outlooks often followed by market downturn”

April 27, 2012

The below linked USA Today article is very similar in thought to the below parapgraph I wrote in the booklet advertised on this blog in the upper right hand column. The passage I refer to is:

“There is only one completely safe “time” to buy stock and that is when the general economic news is so gloomy it scares you to death, when newspaper headlines scream about record layoffs, record high interest rates, and record number of bankruptcies.  If you’re scared about your own economic outlook, there is economic misery everywhere you turn and as you get ready to place your buy order your knees begin to knock and your teeth chatter, you are probably buying at a major stock market bottom.  It will be a miracle if you do not make money within six months to two years from that time.  On the other hand, if all you read about is how great the economy is doing with record employment, low interest rates, record number of new plants starting up and all you hear is how your friends made money in the stock market, you had better start thinking sell!  The market is not at either extreme eighty percent of the time.”

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Timing is Everything

May 3, 2011

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