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I prefer AAA

June 6, 2014

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Saudis Change Tires…While Vehicle is moving


August Odyssey Post 6 – A bump in the road

August 9, 2012

Some exploded tire debris slowed me down a bit. I was heading south on I-196 and as I was passing a big truck I saw the tire debris on the road. Trying to use my little Prius to move a big truck over did not seem like a good option so I tried to straddle the biggest section. BAM! The Prius took one for the team. All seemed fine until I entered a construction zone with only one lane and no shoulder. The air scoop under the bumper started dragging the road. The construction lane was set up to straddle the rumble strip so the dragging air scoop was making quite a racket. It was similar to the noise made by the playing cards you fastened, as a kid, to your bicycle frame to rub the spokes to create an engine sound except this playing card is five feet long and the spokes are asphalt. Finally I came to an exit and used a  belt I had in the trunk to tie the  wayward air scoop to the bumper and limped to a dealer. The dealer reinstalled the air scoop at no charge (He will never be  a politician) and so far it is fine – stay tuned.