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Kai meets Tornado

October 22, 2016

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How to prepare for a tornado

April 26, 2014

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Joplin, Missouri May 2011


A football field 26 feet deep in wood chips

May 28, 2011

A football field 26 feet deep in wood chips is what FEMA said the vegetation debris from the Good Friday Tornado in St Louis on Friday, 4/22/11, equaled. Yesterday I rode the Hog over to the temporary holding area for the debris and took pictures. It gives you an idea of the destruction in Bridgeton on that day. To see those pics click below:

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Tornado Relief Concert

May 6, 2011

This morning when I stopped to pick up the food for my Meals-on-two-Wheels run I was greeted with the below poster about the Tornado Relief Concert. It sounds like fun and you will be helping some battered St Louisans restore their lives. Just think for a minute how your routine would change without a home. My pastor at Holy Spirit Church told me he knows of 200 families in our parish alone that have lost their homes. The church is in the process of taking a formal census of the exact total but 200 lost homes out of one parish is substantial especially if you happen to be one of the unfortunate ones who lost their home. There is a link below so you can sample the Mitzi MacDonald band. If the music is not “your groove” consider a donation to help those who lost their homes. I am sure there are several funds set up to help but I know of one for sure. Our church is collecting money for those who were impacted by the tornado. Father Rich will do an excellent job of overseeing how the money is allocated. If you wish to help make your check payable to the Holy Spirit Tornado Fund and mail to our church rectory at


Holy Spirit Church
3130 Parkwood Lane
Maryland Heights, MO 63043


I would like to attend the concert but I am already committed to serve as the Innkeeper May 7th for our homeless outreach program which helps provide shelter for women and Moms with kids.

 Thank you for you consideration

 Ron Jackson

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Tornado Tips

May 2, 2011

This morning I had a conversation with Audrey K who runs the Room at the Inn program for our church. She told me about a mutual friend that came through the below mess pretty much unscathed. His name is Frank G. I just called him to confirm what Audrey K told me was true. Right before the tornado hit his below neighborhood he slightly opened front and rear windows and his patio door. He did not do so to his side windows. The E4 tornado hit his block and took out all of the other houses except his. The only damage he had was to the side windows he did not partially open. It kind of makes sense that if you can allow equalization of the negative pressure of the tornado and the normal pressure in your house by allowing the pressure to pass through the partially opened windows the destructive unequal pressure will be diffused. As you can probably tell I am in over my head with all of this physics yatta- yatta but I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt it worked for Frank G.

I am 72 but I still remember my Dad telling me as a kid that if I were ever caught out in the open during a tornado with no available shelter seek a ditch or depression for safety. Click below link for documentation:

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Tornado hits area

April 23, 2011

Bridgeton, where I used to live and Maryland Hts where my church is located and other areas were hit last night by a tornado. Below is photo taken by our pastor of the steeple knocked off of the church.  Some homes were destroyed but so far I have not heard of any deaths from the tornado. My current neighborhood was not hit by the storm.

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Missouri church

Nation Weather Service report: Tornado E4 – Click here for full report

Just a thought

April 24, 2010


Unfortunately some Americans died today from a series of tornados. Most of us that live in “Tornado Alley” have occasionally moved into a safer room of our homes upon hearing the warnings. I have never  been told to do so but I see no real harm the next time that happens in grabbing my helmet (motorcycle, bicycle, etc.). Motorcycle helmets are designed for severe impacts and would probably help the most but bicycle helmets may give some protection from flying or falling timbers, etc. I have experienced two tornadoes in my life time and although they were not extremely terrifying I do respect their power. During the strongest one I experienced I was close to Grissom Air Force Base and the 100 ton hanger doors were curled into the hangers like putty and as I remember those winds were only 80 + miles per hour.