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Spring has Sprung on the Katy Trail

April 30, 2018


I rode my trike 15 miles on the Katy Trail yesterday and found it was offering some beautiful Spring colors. In addition to what the picture shows along the side of the trail were some blue and yellow wild flowers. A great day to be alive – Thank you Lord.


What Could go Wrong?

May 1, 2017

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Everybody’s a critic (opera)

August 7, 2014

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Bootlegger’s Run

June 30, 2014

GORC has built a trail in upper Creve Coeur. It is for walking and cycling. If you walk it be aware of the cyclists because they can move pretty fast on the down-hills. To find it check out the verbal description below and take a look at the below picture showing my white Prius with a yellow circle around it. The trail starts just to right of where my car is sitting and note the end of the tennis courts on the right.







Take I-270 to the Dorsett Road exit, and head west on Dorsett Road. Turn Right into the Park on Streetcar Drive, and then continue down the road into the park. Look for a lighted softball field on the right, followed by tennis courts and then a large gravel parking lot – turn right into this lot. Look for an obvious opening in the woods along the tree-line near the back left-side of the tennis courts. Head into the woods and look for the trail on your left. If you get to a large, flat, “T” intersection, you’ve gone about 20 feet too far.


Frisco Highline Trail

July 16, 2013

Below are some pictures (should enlarge if you click the picture) I took while riding the 2nd longest (36 miles) trail in Missouri last weakend. It is called the Frisco Highline Trail and its southern most trailhead is near the airport in Springfield Missouri. Most northern trailhead is in Bolivar, Missouri:

Southern most trailhead


Eight miles going north out of Springfield is paved


Kitty chomping down on her breakfast (field mouse)


My take on below is that Jordan (the name on the cross) was killed at this spot. It is where bikes must cross a fast and heavily traveled highway


New asphalt was laid for about 3 miles outside of Bolivar but there was no signage yet and I could not find the continuation of the  trail by riding several miles in both directions. I loaded up the car and re-entered the trail at the next trailhead


A cattle gate to keep “Bessie” from wandering onto the trail


There were long sections like below; kind of makes you appreciate the maintenance of our Katy Trail


Most of the bridges had signs with their names and the donors name if appropriate


Below is an old (1876 I think) railroad bridge; its supports are made of huge stones and still is quite impressive


Looks like this land owner is serious about no trespassing


For more information on the trail click here

Take your heart pill before watching!

April 25, 2011

Thanks to Dennis V for link to below video

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This deer run wears its fall colors well

October 23, 2010

Below is one of the deer runs (trails) the deer in Creve Coeur park use to travel to foraging grounds in our sub division. A friend that lives just a couple blocks from me feeds them and has had as many as 17 deer in her yard at one time. She has names for most them and I hope owns a pooper scooper.